Veteran country star John Berry tugs at the heart with his latest single “Beautifully Broken,” which is featured in the movie of the same name.

An acclaimed country singer-songwriter, Berry allows his rich, powerhouse vocals to shine on the tune. The control that he maintains over his velvet voice throughout this performance is quite impeccable. Berry allows the music and lyrics to speak for themselves, without any gimmicks.

He just celebrated the song at the red carpet VIP premiere of the feature film of the same name Beautifully Broken, which was held at The Factory in Franklin, Tennessee. It was attended by various celebrities, including cast members of the film and its directors. The movie will be officially released on Friday, August 24 in 655 theaters all over the country.

“Beautifull Broken” has been at the top of the Christian Music Weekly Chart for five weeks, and it has stayed in the Top 10 since it charted 23 weeks ago; moreover, the song was also added to Spotify’s New Traditions: Country Heroes Playlist.

The Verdict

Overall, John Berry delivers a tour de force vocal performance on “Beautifully Broken.” It will certainly impact his fans and listeners on an emotional level due to its poignant lyrics. The song garners five out of five stars.

“Beautifully Broken” is available on iTunes, and on Spotify.

To learn more about country sensation John Berry and his latest single “Beautifully Broken,” check out his official Facebook page.

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