Grammy-winning artist, John Berry and his wife Robin have worked together most of his music career, and now have embarked on a new journey and project they are creating together through the podcast series Faith, Family & Friends. The bi-weekly subscription-based podcast is an interview series where John and Robin provide a warm atmosphere of conversation in their ‘sitting around the kitchen table’ approach to talking with their guests. This Friday they will release the conversation with Grammy Winning Country Music Artist, Billy Dean. Subscribe to Faith, Family & Friends online at

Listeners will be captivated and feel as if they are in the room with them. Each episode features a high-profile guest, including celebrities, sports stars, Hall of Fame members, best-selling authors, and entertainers, who share personal stories about how their faith, family and friends have impacted their lives and careers.

“My good friend, John Berry and I together have logged in many miles, celebrated career achievements and enjoyed the spoils of country stardom,” shared Billy Dean. “What was important to us then, is still the most important to us now and that’s faith, family and friends.”

“Billy Dean and I have known each for a long time and I enjoyed catching up with him from his home in Florida. He was very open on how his life and career have been impacted by his faith, family and friends,” expressed John Berry. “We have so much common ground and I know you’ll enjoy our conversation with Billy Dean.”

Future guests will include Richie Furay, Chris Hillman, T. Graham and Sheila Brown, Darryl Worley, Randy and Darla Hartley, Jimmy and Nina Fortune along with many others including surprise guests along the way. 

Throughout John’s long and successful career, Robin has been right beside him, working behind the scenes as a background singer and as part of the JB team. While they have enjoyed an amazing life together, they have also faced difficult challenges, both in his career and his health. With God’s faithfulness being the constant in their lives, they have grown in their relationship with Christ, giving their marriage a firm foundation. Faith, Family & Friends is the perfect outlet, not only for John and Robin to share their life, but for their guests to speak freely about the three most important things in life; faith, family & friends.

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